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  • Pete Ganze

About Vacuum Freeze Drying Hemp

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Vacuum freeze drying technology has been in use for over 70 years by the food, pharmaceutical, and preservation industry. This process of freeze drying is very gentle on the hemp and the hemp does not deteriorate and lose its CBD value. Laboratory results are provided below to validate. Hemp product coming of the drying chambers is around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, drying at a lower temperature does not reduce the CBD value.

The vacuum freeze drying principle is simple physics of water science following these steps:

· place materials under a vacuum in a vacuum chamber

· under certain conditions water or ice vaporizes at lower temperatures

· remove the water vapor from the chamber

· remove the dry materials for use or further processing

Vacuum freeze drying requires:

· large vacuum chambers

· sophisticated vacuum pumps

· sophisticated refrigeration systems

· sophisticated and complicated program logic

· special handling techniques for the product

· and a knowledge of physics to understand how it works

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