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  • Pete Ganze

The NEX Way of Processing Your Hemp

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

We work with farms to transport hemp from the field to our facility. Here is our process checklist to make sure it's right every time.

· Coordinate shipment with crop owner/manager

· Transport from field to NorthEast Extracts' processing plant

· Unloading, weighing and inventorying of incoming bales of compressed hemp

· Chain of custody – customer to supply COA

· Temporary cold storage until ready for drying

· Loading into vacuum freeze-drying chamber

· Monitoring drying over a period of four days

· Possibly improving product moisture content at final phase

· Removal and QA/QC of dried load

· Transport to temporary storage for re-humidification

· Re-humidify to ambient conditions

· Process through a “cleaner” and “separator”

· Bag, tag and weigh final flower and leaf materials

· Verify moisture content, then vacuum-seal

· Dispose of stalk and residue

· Store materials awaiting shipment to processor

· Prepare Bill of Lading for shipment

Ship materials via common carrier or own truck to processor

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