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We Work Hemp
From Farm to Food

At NorthEast Extracts, we work hemp for you. Our mission is to provide farmers and CBD food producers with the products and services they need to be successful. NEX bridges the gap between the hemp crop in the field and the finished CBD product. What we can do for you:

​Working for Hemp Farmers ~ NorthEast Extracts provides full-service hemp drying and extraction. From picking up your hemp bales in the field to freeze-drying for maximum yield, we do it all.​

Working for CBD Food Producers ~ Our environmentally friendly CO2 extraction process creates the highest quality and purest food-grade CBD available ~ plus, we're scalable - we can provide all the capacity you need. 

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4 Reasons To Partner With NorthEast Extracts


You need super high quality and consistency. Always excellent and no surprises.


Our cGMP-compliant processed materials meet New York State's stringent regulatory requirements.


Scalability in a CBD company is important to you and we are capable of high volume production.


You need a partner that can provide custom formulated CBD: 

  • T-free

  • Additional flavoring

  • Ask us and we probably can


At NorthEast Extracts, we provide foodservice manufacturers with the highest quality CBD oil for inclusion in their creations. 

We do this by carefully managing the process from farm to table.

Starting with transporting the hemp directly from the field and farm, we bring the hemp in and cut and sort it in preparation for drying.

We pioneered the use of vacuum freeze-drying hemp to maintain the highest amount of CBD.

After drying we use CO2 extraction because it's the safest, most environmentally friendly way.

Choose NorthEast Extracts as your CBD source. 

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